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About Us

What is OmniPark?

OmniPark is made up of a fully-integrated, hosted desktop application plus mobile enforcement, pay-by-phone services, electronic pay-boxes, notice payment capabilities and so much more.

The OmniPark vision is that of a complete parking solution, available as an out-of-the-box application or customized for you. We take pride in our ability to help you define the specific needs of your business, and to tailor our product to deliver maximum efficiency and satisfaction. Pick and choose a single OmniPark product, or combine as many as you like from our software suite--we can grow with you as your business grows. Contact us today!

Centralized Database and Application Management

Accessible from any Internet connected computer.

Centralized Management

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet access of modern handhelds means that users do not need to return to the office to 'sync' their data, and that information is offloaded in near-real-time to protect against data loss in the event of the loss or failure of a handheld. The software is also designed to operate with a near-complete feature set in "offline mode" even when wireless Internet is not available.

Upgrade Option

Our Casio IT-3000/3100 upgrade option allows you to use your existing handhelds.

Operates on a Wide Range of Handhelds

Wide Range of Handhelds

Our modern mobile enforcement application can operate on a wide range of handhelds running Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 or 6.1. This includes low-cost devices that can be provided by cell phone companies, as well as industrial ruggedized devices, and can fully utilize Internet connectivity.

Camera Utilization

OmniPark handhelds can use the camera in most new devices to capture photos of the vehicle that can be printed on the notices and are automatically uploaded to the server for viewing.

GPS Integration

OmniPark is also able to take advantage of GPS integration and report that information back to personnel managers.

Integrated Payment Options

OmniPark features integrated payment options such as pay-by-phone and the Omni-PayPoint, electronic pay box, keep all your configuration management, and reporting in one place. You only have to setup your rates in one place and they work everywhere.

Accepted Gateways

  • USAePay
  • Internet Secure
  • Merchant eSolutions

Subscription Based Licensing

Subscription based licensing keeps up-front costs low and provides for constant updates and improvement with no upgrade fees.

Multi-day Payments

The system is capable of multi-day payments so long as the HHUs have real-time IP communication to facilitate inventory download.